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The Annual Cabbage, Potato & Bacon Festival
A reimagined version of a local favorite
Saturday & Sunday April 27 & 28, 2024
The Venue, 301 N. Main Street, Hastings, FL

Get ready for a weekend of wholesome fun at the Hastings Cabbage, Potato & Bacon Festival


This lively event promises a unique blend of entertainment, featuring The Great Mow Down Lawnmower Races that are sure to rev up the excitement. Lace up your running shoes for The Spud Run 5K & 10K, where fitness meets festival spirit. Participate in community tours, engaging cooking demonstrations and more. Shop local at the outdoor market and don't miss the special Chef Tasting event on Saturday evening featuring live music and a silent auction.


It's a celebration of community, flavors, and festivities you won't want to miss!

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Pig Racing

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The Great Mow Down

Join us in the heart of Hastings for a two-day extravaganza that brings together the best of local culture and entertainment.


The Cabbage, Potato & Bacon Festival is not just an event; it's a celebration of creativity, and good old-fashioned fun. From the thrill of lawnmower races to the scenic Spud Run, and the vibrant market showcasing talented artisans, this festival caters to every taste.


Mark your calendars for a weekend filled with family-friendly activities and memories that will last a lifetime!

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