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Planting Main Street

Join us in our latest community initiative to cultivate vibrant green spaces with planted containers of greenery and flowers throughout Hastings!


These planted containers contribute to the beauty of our historic area while promoting environmental sustainability.  Let's work together to make Hastings a shining example of community pride! 

How You Can Help

Every donation, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of this initiative. We have set up easy and secure donation channels to make it convenient for everyone to contribute.


Whether you're an individual, a local business, or an organization passionate about environmental sustainability, your support will directly impact the transformation of Hastings into a more eco-friendly and visually appealing community.

As a token of our gratitude, donors will be recognized in our community initiatives, and we will keep you updated on the progress and impact of your contributions. Together, through both hands-on involvement and financial support, we can create a lasting positive change for Hastings. Let's grow a greener future together!

Watch Hastings Grow!

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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