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Planting Main Street

Join us in our latest community initiative to cultivate vibrant green spaces with planted containers of greenery and flowers throughout Hastings!


These planted containers contribute to the beauty of our historic area while promoting environmental sustainability.  Let's work together to make Hastings a shining example of community pride! 

How You Can Help

Donations are crucial to Hastings Main Street, Inc. for several key reasons:


1. **Community Impact:** Donations enable the organization to implement projects and initiatives that directly benefit the community, such as beautification efforts, small business support programs, and cultural events.


2. **Sustainability:** Consistent support from donors helps sustain the organization's operations, covering essential expenses like staff salaries (1 part-time employee), operating costs, and programmatic needs, ensuring its long-term viability.


3. **Flexibility and Innovation:** Donations provide flexibility to adapt to evolving needs and challenges within the community, allowing the organization to explore new ideas, launch innovative projects, and respond effectively to emerging issues.


4. **Collaboration and Partnership:** Donations demonstrate community support, fostering collaboration with local businesses, government entities, and community stakeholders, which can lead to meaningful partnerships and additional resources to maximize impact.


5. **Empowerment:** Every donation, regardless of size, empowers the organization to make a difference, sending a powerful message of solidarity and commitment to the shared vision for Hastings Main Street.


Overall, donations are essential for Hastings Main Street, Inc. to fulfill its mission of revitalizing and preserving the heart of the community, creating a more vibrant, resilient, and inclusive downtown area for all.

Watch Hastings Grow!

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