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Holiday Pop-Up Market and "We've Got You Covered" Clothing Giveaway
Saturday, December 9, 2023

Save The Date: A Day of Community and Shopping Delight!

This month’s market coincides with a local favorite: The Hastings Hometown Christmas Parade! Share in our community spirit, come out for a day filled with the joys of giving, sharing, and indulging in a little retail therapy.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: Historic Stanton Ford Building, 301 N. Main Street and surrounding areas in downtown Hastings

🎪 **Pop-Up Artisans Market Extravaganza** 🎨

The festivities kick off at 9:00 AM with our Pop-Up Market, stretching along Main Street and centered at 301 N. Main Street. Shop vintage antiques, handcrafted goods, soaps, art, photography and much more! Whether you're hunting for unique gems or admiring the craftsmanship of handcrafted goods, there's something for everyone! With the market open until 3:00 PM, you'll have ample time to explore, shop, and uncover hidden treasures.


👗 **"We've Got You Covered" Community Clothing Giveaway** 👕

As a highlight of this event, Hastings Main Street is thrilled to extend a warm invitation to the "We've Got You Covered Community Clothing Giveaway!" Here, you'll find an extensive array of clothing options, from stylish outfits to practical attire, suitable for all ages and sizes. Let's come together to empower and uplift our community, ensuring that quality clothing is accessible to everyone, with the added bonus that all items are free!


🎉 **Hastings Hometown Christmas Parade** 🎶

At 10:00 AM, don't miss the spectacular Hastings Hometown Christmas Parade, a beloved local tradition. Witness the street come alive with the sounds of musical bands, marvel at floats adorned in their finest holiday attire, take in the nostalgia of classic cars, and be enchanted by majestic horses, all dressed up in their festive finery. It's a sight to behold, and a wonderful way to embrace the holiday spirit.


💖 **Join Us and Make a Difference** 💪

Your presence and active participation hold immense significance for us. This event isn't just about shopping; it's an opportunity to build connections and create a positive impact within our community. So, mark your calendars for December 9th, and let's come together to make lasting memories and leave a meaningful mark on our beloved community.

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