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Welcome to the Flavors of Hastings!

Immerse yourself in a weekend of agricultural celebration nestled in the heart of downtown Hastings!


Join Host Chef Hari Pulapaka in this gastronomic journey centering around dishes crafted with the versatility and delectability of cabbage, potatoes, and bacon. 


Watch farm-to-table culinary demonstrations, meet the farmers that grew the produce that you’ll be sampling and learn more about what it takes to get from Farm to Diner, via Chef. and enjoy an exclusive “Taste of Hastings” event showcasing local celebrity chefs and witness three accomplished chefs showcase their skills in an ACF Sanctioned Cooking Competition. 

This event is crafted as a culinary destination for Florida's Historic Coast, showcasing the best of Northeast Florida and our rich agricultural assets. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Saturday, April 27 
Schedule of Events

10 AM  Demo & Education with Chef Hari Pulapaka & Chef Art Smith

11 AM  Demo & Education: Chef Michael Lugo, Viva Hospitality

Noon–1:30 PM Panel Conversation: From Farmer to Diner, via Chef


Angela TenBroeck, Worldwide Aquaponics

Danny Johns, Blue Sky Farms

Jenny Cahoon, Ever After Farms


Lauren Titus, Edible Northeast Florida

Chef Genie and Jeff McNally, The Floridian Restaurant

Chef Hari Pulapaka, Global Cooking School

Chef Art Smith, Chef Art Smith Company

6:30-9 PM "Taste of Hastings"

Sample delectable dishes inspired by our namesake: Cabbage, Potatoes and Bacon

Sunday, April 28 
Schedule of Events

In the prestigious arena of the ACF Sanctioned Cooking Competition, three accomplished chefs showcase their culinary artistry. With knives flashing and pans sizzling, each chef brings a unique flavor profile to the table, combining tradition and innovation using any or all of our main ingredients: potatoes, cabbage or bacon.

The kitchen becomes a stage for their culinary symphony, where creativity and skill converge in a high-stakes battle for gastronomic glory. As the clock ticks down, these maestros strive to impress judges and spectators alike, leaving an unforgettable mark on this prestigious event.

The competition begins at 1 p.m. and tickets are $20.

Chef 1: Lance Cook, Executive Chef, Hammock Dunes Club

Chef 2: Chef Jason F. Lynn, Corporate Executive  Chef, Puzycki’s Farm Fresh Produce

Chef 3: Jeffrey "The Kingpin" Schlissel, Kingpin of the Bacon Cartel

Meet the Chefs

From Farm to Diner, via Chef  Panel Discussion

Saturday, April 27 from Noon-1:30 PM

Discover "From Farmer to Diner, via Chef": a lively panel discussing sustainable farming and the significance of backing local farmers. Learn how these practices enhance our food and foster a healthier future. Join us for an enlightening conversation on sustainable eating.

Meet the Panel & Moderators

ACF Sanctioned Sustainable Cooking Competition

Sunday, April 28 from 1-3 PM

In the ACF Sanctioned Cooking Competition, three skilled chefs exhibit their culinary expertise. With flair and finesse, they craft unique dishes using potatoes, cabbage, or bacon. In a race against time, they aim to impress judges and spectators, leaving a lasting impact on the prestigious event.

Meet the Participating
Judges & Chefs


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